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Ken Shaw III

Managing Director, Shaw Ventures.

Ken Shaw Jr. is a prominent figure in finance and investments, primarily associated with Shaw Investments, a diversified investment company with interests in telecommunications, media, and real estate. As a member of the Shaw family, he represents the third generation of the family's business legacy. Ken actively manages the investment portfolio of Shaw Investments, contributing significantly to the company's investment strategies and long-term growth through his strong financial background and astute market insights.

In addition to his role at Shaw Investments, Ken Shaw Jr. is recognized for his philanthropic efforts and active community involvement, reflecting his commitment to making a positive impact on society.

Ken Shaw Jr. is a results-oriented leader and investor with a keen focus on people, product, and technology. He possesses a passion for building software products, high-performing teams, and successful companies. With expertise in driving revenue growth and optimizing operational expenses, he has led software companies to deliver award-winning products. Having spent around 15 years in California, he built two venture-backed Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies, positioning them as leaders in their respective categories.

Ken's leadership has been instrumental in the success of products recognized by industry authorities. His first product achieved seven consecutive PC Magazine Editors' Choice awards, while his second product received prestigious distinctions from Gartner, including "Cool Vendor," "Visionary," and "Leader" recognitions. His areas of focus encompass strategic expertise across go-to-market, product, people, technology, and fundraising. He excels in driving profitable annual recurring revenue (ARR) growth through direct and partner strategies in the US and EMEA markets. Ken also possesses strong skills in P&L management, talent acquisition, and managing offshoring efforts for product/engineering as well as sales and marketing functions.

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