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Elite advisors to help you storm your Normandy

Boutique advisory built for tech CEO’s and tech investors to help you take your company to elite performance levels.

Our team has worked in the White House, Silicon Valley and can deliver 3 x C’s for you: Connections, Capital and Consulting at thie highest levels in the world.

Whatever battle you’re facing, we’ve fought it before. Let us help you overcome.

Over 70 years of investing we have seen a lot, and done a lot. We are patient capital that knows good things take time.    

Why you should choose Shaw Investments

Shaw Investments has been investing for almost 70 years.  Our long-term perspective and multi-decade experience allow us to pursue smart, strategic investment opportunities that create sustainable, long-term value for our investors and investees.​  We are patient capital that can help you change the landscape, both metaphorically and literally.

Queensland's entrepreneurial culture and resilience aligns with Shaw Investments' focus on innovative, early-stage opportunities.

Happy family
• Future shaping
Cool Headphones
• Positive impact
Young Businesswomen
• Purpose-driven

About Us

Founded in 1954, Shaw Investments is a family office that invests locally and globally.  Investing in real property initially, since the early 2000's we have been investing in technology companies in addition to commercial real-estate.  

Shaw Investments is a family office based in Queensland Australia that invests in real property and technology. Our investment portfolio is split between property and technology investments. On the property side, we primarily focus on commercial property investments in Queensland. On the technology side, our focus is on seed and early-stage technology opportunities in ANZ, India the USA - markets we know well.

We have been investing for a long time, and take a long-term view.

Signing a Contract

Transforming communities through positive investments.

Let’s work together

At Shaw Investments, we are committed to partnering with our investors, advisors, and investees to create something special in each case. Contact us today to experience the Shaw Investments difference in your SaaS startup or commercial property venture.  If you'd like to submit a proposal to discuss with us, have a quick review of what we're looking for and fill in the form on the Strategy page.

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