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Our Superstars & Advisors

Smart, Passionate, Dedicated, & Committed to Changing The Landscape with you - literally & figuratively

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Meet The Team

Meet our exceptional team of Superstars and Advisors, where passion meets expertise, shaping the foundation of our success and driving transformative results for our valued partners and clients.
Ken Shaw I - RIP

CEO of K M Shaw & Co.
Superpower: Teaching his boys. Real-life war hero. Destroying enemies. Never lost a tax case. Adj. Prof of income tax. Topped Aus in accountancy exams at 17. Died 96 years young, after a full day's work - loving life & smiling.

Ken Shaw III - "Jr"

3 x CEO. Venture Capitalist.
Superpower: Loves building things (amazing teams, award-winning products & companies)

Ken Shaw II - "Sr"

Owner, Shaw Investments,
Shaw Ventures, MBA
Formerly, CEO Noosa Resort Corp.
Superpower: Loves building & growing things (companies, hotels, developments, cattle)

J. Matthew Szymanski

Partner (Owner) at Gammon & Grange. Washington D.C. Beltway insider.  Formerly on President Bush's team & the U.S. Congress.
Superpower: Law & US Gov Navigating

Dave Hitz

Founder Emeritus at NetApp.
Silicon Valley Legend. Writer/author.
Godfather of Network Attached Storage.

Superpower: Investing in people, Building things

Beatriz Infante

Director on multiple Public Co Boads.
4X CEO.  Ran a huge chunk of Oracle for Larry.

Superpower: Strategy, CEO'ing, and Ops Optimization

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