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Elite advisors to help you storm your Normandy

Boutique advisory built for tech CEO’s and tech investors by tech CEOs & investors.
Let us help take your company to elite performance levels.

Our team has worked in the White House, Silicon Valley & can deliver the Big Three C's for you: Connections, Capital & Consulting at the highest levels in the world.

Expert Consultations

Whatever battle you’re facing, we’ve fought it before. Unlock the power of expert insights. Schedule your complimentary 15-minute consultation with our advisors to refine your strategy, enhance your security, and drive your success.


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MBA works alongside Shaw Ventures. Our investment strategy melds the old with the new, intellectual property with real property, the permanent with the ephemeral, and delivers tangible (financial) and intangible profits (positive impact on the world). 

If you need MBA's assistance, schedule a consultation through our Advisory page. To invest with us in SV or propose your technology or property-related venture for consideration, please visit the Shaw Ventures Strategy page and submit your proposal or project for review.

Our Purpose

Why you should choose Main Beach Advisors

MBA is backed by Shaw Ventures, and that relationship can be powerful for you.  SV has been investing for almost 70 years.  Our long-term perspective and multi-decade experience allow us to pursue smart, strategic investment opportunities that create sustainable, long-term value for our investors and investees.​  We are patient capital that can help you change the landscape, both metaphorically and literally.  When we make an investment, we deploy MBA to really make it soar & get to previously impossible levels of performance.

Queensland's entrepreneurial culture and resilience aligns with Shaw Investments' focus on innovative, early-stage opportunities.


Unveiling Our Superpowers

Meet Our Team of Exceptional Superstars / Consultants

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Transforming communities through positive investments.

Let’s work together

Contact us today to explore the possibilities or submit a proposal via the Strategy page.

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