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Mike Bell

CEO Americas. Advisor & Friend to Leadership

CEO/President/COO of eight different tech companies spanning 25+ years. Founded, grew, and sold an Inc 500 company.

Mike Bell is a seasoned technology CEO and entrepreneur with a remarkable 25-year track record in executive leadership. Having served as a chief operating executive in early-stage tech startups and held pivotal division head roles in public companies, their expertise lies in scaling tech enterprises into high-growth, streamlined organizations. His core focus areas encompass driving growth, assembling top-tier teams, optimizing operational efficiency, crafting and executing Go-To-Market strategies, and meticulously managing capital strategies. With a comprehensive background spanning all facets of technology companies, including product development, engineering, go-to-market strategies, and financial operations, he strikes a harmonious balance between strategic thinking and hands-on execution. His experience in raising capital for early-stage ventures, coupled with their adeptness in corporate transactions, positions him as a seasoned leader who can drive success from both ends of the spectrum.

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